Live it Again

Take a sentimental journey back in time with Live It Again 1942.

Good Old Days magazine and The Saturday Evening Post joined together to create this incredible book series that takes you back in time with rare and exclusive images, ads, comics and so much more! $1.99 intro offer!

But don't take our word for it. Click here to browse through a few pages from the first book, Live It Again 1942. You'll see for yourself how much fun it is to look back in time at the Ďcurrent' events from 1942, how people dressed, what was important to them and everything else that made that year so special.

Live it Again

These books are a great value at the regular price of $19.99 each, but if you join the series, you can get the first book at a 90% savings! Donít worry, you can cancel your membership at any time, and there is no obligation to buy even one additional book. Click HERE for details.

Live it Again

Each volume of the Live It Again book series is an incredible window into the past, exposing a vivid view of daily life from a long-ago era. Most of the photos, illustrations and cartoons are straight out of the 52 issues of The Saturday Evening Post from 1942, with fascinating captions and observations. Many of these images are being reprinted for the first time since they were originally published more than 65 years ago! This is truly rare and exclusive material!

Once you start leafing through the pages of this book, you wonít be able to put it down. This is not a compilation of dry facts or world events, like you might read in a history book. This is a living, breathing vision of 1942, as seen through the eyes of a typical American family.

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